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Poetic Inspiration with Hasan Namir

Next up in our “Poetic Inspiration” series is Hasan Namir, author of Umbilical Cord

B*: Please share up to three poetry books or poets that are important to you, and helped influence the writing of Umbilical Cord. Please also share how they influenced your book.

HN: One of my favourite poets who influenced my poetics is Fred Wah. I remember reading Diamond Grill and I related to it so much as an immigrant. Like Wah, I also felt like I was languageless, my tongue stuck between Arabic and English. Another favourite poet of mine who helped me find my own poetic voice is my mentor and friend Jordan Scott. Jordan was my professor when I was completing my BA in English at Simon Fraser University. For a long time, I thought my poetics would be rhyming and simple. Jordan helped me push myself, he challenged me. I was able to experiment with form and words. He inspired me to add more Arabic words. I feel very lucky to have been mentored by such an amazing and talented author. He’s been my mentor since and has helped me with my career as a poet and picture book author.

B*: Please share a writing prompt for aspiring poets that you have used to start composing a new poem.

HN: Pick a recent personal moment or experience that made you emotional. Write a free verse poem about it. Put the poem aside for a week or two. Revisit it and revise with your current feelings/ perceptions about that moment or experience.

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