2024 Annual Subscription


2024 Annual Subscription

Perfect for the bibliophile who wants it all! With the 2024 Annual Subscription package, you will receive every book we publish in 2024. That’s right: every work of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and translated literature we’re publishing this year. You’ll literally receive the whole kit and caboodle, as it were, which means no more book FOMO.

Included in the Annual Subscription:

  • The Singularity by Balsam Karam, translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel (Fiction)
  • Blue Notes by Anne Cathrine Bomann, translated from Danish by Caroline Waight (Fiction)
  • Medium by Johanna Skibsrud (poetry)
  • How You Were Born by Kate Cayley (short stories)
  • you by Chantal Neveu, translated from French by Erīn Moure (poetry)
  • Oh Witness Dey! by Shani Mootoo (poetry)
  • Play by Jess Taylor (fiction)
  • Holy Winter by Maria Stepanova, translated from Russian by Sasha Dugdale (poetry)
  • Monsters, Martyrs, and Marionettes: Essays on Motherhood by Adrienne Gruber (essays)
  • These Songs I Know By Heart by Erin Brubacher (fiction)
  • Disobedience by Daniel Sarah Karasik (speculative fiction)
  • Nauetakuan, a Silence for a Noise by Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, translated from French by Howard Scott (fiction)
  • Elevator in Saigon by Thuận, translated from Vietnamese by Nguyễn An Lý (fiction)
  • Dry Your Tears to Perfect Your Aim by Jacob Wren (fiction)
  • Caesaria by Hanna Nordenhök, translated by Saskia Vogel (fiction)
  • Barbara by Joni Murphy (fiction)
  • Sugaring Off by Fanny Britt, translated from French by Susan Ouriou (fiction)
  • Not Even the Sound of a River by Hélène Dorion, translated from French by Jonathan Kaplansky (fiction)
  • No Credit River by Zoe Whittall (memoir in prose poetry)
  • Walking and Stealing by Stephen Cain (poetry)
  • Inside Every Dream, a Raging Sea by Liz Worth (poetry)
  • Toxemia by Christine McNair (lyrical essays/prose poetry/memoir)
  • Back Where I Came From: On Culture, Identity, and Home, Edited by Taslim Jaffer and Omar Mouallem (essays/anthology)

Total Value before Discount: Print Subscription $536.45 | eBook Subscription $344.77

How it Works

Print subscribers will receive two shipments of books during the year. Packages will be mailed in May and November.*

eBook subscribers will receive ePub files sent by email throughout the year.*

*If you become a subscriber after September, you will receive all the books/eBooks in your package in one shipment.

Every 2024 print subscription package also includes:

  • Swag! We all love a little swag. Receive a limited-edition Book*hug Press 20th Anniversary tote bag filled with fun goodies!
  • Two surprise staff favourite print backlist titles, specially selected for you by our team.

Every 2024 eBook subscription package also includes:

  • Two surprise staff favourite ePub backlist titles, specially selected for you by our team.


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