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Benetech Certified Accessible Publisher

Book*hug Press has earned Benetech’s Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) certification.

Ebooks published by Book*hug Press are created through our certified Born Accessible production process. They include features such as structured navigation and headings, embedded print edition page numbering, described images, and built-in discovery data to describe each book’s accessibility features.

All books going forward from our Fall 2021 season will meet this standard, and we are also working to update our backlist to meet accessibility standards as well.

Accessible Books Consortium Charter for Accessible Publishing

Book*hug Press has agreed to uphold the commitments required by the Accessible Book Consortium’s Charter for Accessible Publishing. The commitments that the Charter requires are:

  1. stating our accessibility policy on our website, including adherence to the Charter;
  2. nominating a senior manager who will be responsible for accessibility;
  3. raising awareness among, and providing technical training for, relevant staff;
  4. designating and publicizing a point of contact in our organization to assist persons with print disabilities to access our publications;
  5. testing our digital publications for accessibility, incorporating appropriate feature descriptions and metadata;
  6. monitoring our progress in this area;
  7. promoting the adoption of accessibility standards throughout the supply chain; and
  8. supporting national and international collaboration with organizations representing persons with print disabilities so as to increase the availability of publications in accessible formats.

You can find all the signatories of the ABC’s Charter for Accessible Publishing at their website.

For a list of websites offering Accessible Books for sale, please click here.

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