Spring Poetry PREVIEW: The Mysterious Life of Gerard Legro

Photo Credit: Black Mountain College Museum + Arts

Photo: Studies Building, Black Mountain College. Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center Collection, Special Collections, D.H. Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina Asheville. Photo Credit: Harriet Sohmers Zwerling. BookThug’s Department of Reissue proudly presents Jerrold Levy and Richard Negro’s postmodern collection Poems by Gerard Legro, edited with an introduction by Alessandro Porco. This new release will provide […]

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Love at First Sight: BookThug First Lines

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating a special kind of love: book love, AKA bibliophilia. You know, that special kind of love you feel for the perfect book. Books, how do we love thee? Let’s count the ways. Some remain our long-time partner, accumulating through the years the affection of our handwritten notes, dog-ears, […]

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FLIGHT(S): In Conversation With Chantal Neveu + Nathanaël

Que serait un entretien ou un polylogue sans interruption et sans quelque juxtaposition, sans un enchaînement un peu arbitraire ou aléatoire, sans une «association d’idées» que seule l’insignificance d’un «et» viendrait dire ou sous-entendre? —Jacques Derrida[1] From Montreal poet Chantal Neveu comes A Spectacular Influence, translated by Nathanaël.  Drawing from philosophy (including Pre-Socratic materialists, Nietzsche, and […]

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