“National Poetry Month” #21: Shannon Maguire

from “Pearl/Buttons” near the hour of dawn a stranger      unfamiliar flowers she might have been named               Sylvia or Buttons or Applied Computing              Astrolabe and near to her the split                     of daisy bombs 53 reviews of recent accidents            and a Book of Hours of detentions at the crossings          a small log with names encumbering      just beyond the air-stream           planes landing amid various species of

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“National Poetry Month” #16: David Dowker & Christine Stewart

a breach (amphibrach) object ache* each abject stratification collapses in the culmination which brings us to the apex of the inverse aversion, spiritualized app- liances hap- hazardly rap- tured, tri- geminal peripherals vibrate or gesticulate, a squip quinty or cryogene plasmate, cryptic inarticulate acetate say golgi embodiment raised inchoate waferthin instrumentality be that as it

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