Ferocious Fearlessness: In Conversation with Catherine Lalonde and Oana Avasilichioaei, author and translator of The Faerie Devouring

The Faerie Devouring is a modern-day fable and feminist bildungsroman by Quebecois author Catherine Lalonde and reimagined by the award-winning poet and translator Oana Avasilichioaei. The Faerie Devouring tells the story of the sprite, her absent mother (who dies in childbirth), and a brood of fatherless boys all raised by Gramma, a stalwart matriarch and wicked faerie godmother. From […]

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Possibility of Transformation: In Conversation with Michael Nardone

The Ritualites is Michael Nardone’s book-length poem on the sonic topography of North America. Composed at sites all across the continent—from Far Rockaway to the Olympic Peninsula, Great Bear Lake to the Gulf of California—the book documents the poet’s listening amid our public exchanges, mediated ambiances, and itinerant intimacies. Author Charles Bernstein writes that, “Michael Nardone’s The Ritualites explores […]

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To Find Belonging: In Conversation with Hana Shafi

It Begins With The Body by Hana Shafi Cover Image

It Begins With The Body by Hana Shafi explores the milestones and hurdles of a brown girl coming into her own. Shafi’s poems display a raw and frank intimacy and address anxiety, unemployment, heartbreak, relationships, identity, and faith. Juno Award nominated musician and songwriter Alysha Brilla calls It Begins With The Body “the anthem of […]

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Making the Self: In Conversation with Catherine Fatima

Catherine Fatima’s debut novel, Sludge Utopia, is an auto-fictional novel about sex, depression, family, shaky ethics, ideal forms of life, girlhood, and coaching oneself into adulthood under capitalism. Using her compulsive reading as a lens through which to bring coherence to her life, twenty-five-year-old Catherine engages in a series of sexual relationships, thinking that desire […]

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