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Fall 2022 Season Reveal

Today, we are excited to reveal Book*hug’s upcoming Fall 2022 season! Our lineup includes eleven fantastic titles we’re sure you’ll love. Read on for all the details, including on sale dates, pre-order information, and news about our Fall 2022 pre-order sale, which begins today!


by Chelene Knight
Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction
$23.00 | On Sale September 13, 2022

1930s, Hogan’s Alley—a thriving Black and immigrant community located in Vancouver’s East End. Junie is a creative, observant child who moves to the alley with her mother, Maddie: a jazz singer with a growing alcohol dependency. As Junie finds adulthood, exploring her artistic talents and burgeoning sexuality, her mother sinks further into the bottle while the thriving neighbourhood—once gushing with potential—begins to change. As her world opens, Junie intuits the opposite for the community she loves.

“Bracing, intimate, Junie explores what it means to be young, black and gifted in 1930s Vancouver. Through the eyes of the budding artist, the thriving and electric community of Hogan’s Alley comes alive in all its vibrancy and splendour. This is a vivid, indelible world, one made more poignant by its coming loss,” writes Esi Edugyan, two-time Scotiabank Giller Prize-winning author of Washington Black and Half-Blood Blues. Read more.

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The Animals
by Cary Fagan
Literary Fiction
$23.00 | On Sale October 4, 2022

In a quaint tourist village, Dorn makes miniature scale models displayed in the local shops. Yet life is far from idyllic; he suffers under the thumb of a rich, philandering younger brother and an unloving father, and cannot find the courage to admit his love to Ravenna, the ungainly schoolteacher. Life takes a strange turn when the government-sponsored “Wild Home Project” is introduced and wolves, rats, minks, otters, and bears move into villagers’ homes. Soon, Dorn receives a mysterious commission, finds a body in a park, and has several run-ins with a former classmate-turned police officer. When fire breaks out, Dorn takes on the unlikely role of hero in the hope of changing the course of his life.

“What happens when wild animals are encouraged as household pets? Disruption (and bites)! The Animals is a peculiar and weirdly compelling fable, a version of Where the Wild Things Are, but for adults of the kind who find the world as strange as the films of Wes Anderson,” writes Antanas Sileika, author of Provisionally Yours. Read more.

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by Anna Moschovakis
Literary Fiction | Dystopian Fiction
$23.00 | On Sale November 8, 2022

In the latest novel from writer and International Booker Prize winning translator Anna Moschovakis, two reading groups, Love and Anti-Love, convene digitally amidst political upheaval and undefined environmental catastrophe. Participation offers a prescient look at remote communication in a time of rupture: anonymous participants exchange fantasies and ruminations, and relationships develop and unravel. As the groups consider—or neglect—the syllabi, and connections between members deepen, a mentor in mediation disappears, a colleague known as “the capitalist” becomes a point of fixation, and “The News Reports” filter through in fragments.

A story of love and anti-love, of coherence and cohesion, of fate and free will, of pain and pleasure, of loss and love. Moschovakis takes us on an exploration of ‘soft psychology’ alongside ‘hard politics,’ ‘soft feeling’ alongside ‘hard ideology,’ and invites us to orient and re-orient ourselves towards our ‘comings-apart’ and ‘comings-together.’ I hope you accept her invitation,” writes Poupeh Missaghi, author of trans(re)lating house one. Read more.

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Hunger Heart
by Karen Fastrup, translated by Marina Allemano
Literature in Translation Series | Literary Fiction | Autofiction
$25.00 | On Sale November 22, 2022

Hunger Heart is a sensual, profound work of autofiction about love, relationships, mental illness, and recovery by one of Denmark’s most celebrated literary writers. Fastrup immerses us in the alienations of her breakdown and hospitalization: what it’s like to apologize for threatening your loved one with a knife; how an eating disorder can begin with the discomfort of family and adolescence; and how to make the long journey back to one’s creative life.

But this is not primarily a book of heartache and damage. We are reminded of the electricity of love and the power of language to support our identities and our lives. Deeply courageous, captivating and affecting, Hunger Heart is as much a balm as it is a firework.

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Dream Rooms
by River Halen
Essais Series | Hybrid | Creative Nonfiction Essays | Poetry
$23.00 | On Sale October 18, 2022

Part essay, part poem, part fever dream journal entry, Dream Rooms is a book about personal revolution, about unravelling a worldview to make space for different selves and realities. Set in the years that led up to author River Halen coming out as trans, this collection concerns itself with what sits on the surface of daily life, hidden in plain view, hungry for address. Deeply queer and trans not only in its content but in its thinking, Dream Rooms invites readers to that place in consciousness where fear and desire, hidden information and common knowledge brush up against each other and are mutually transformed.

“These pages are like the best conversations I have had with poets, relentlessly pushing through the mystery together. There is no choice but to learn a new way to hold what we think we know or drop it on the ground. ‘When you hurt one of us you hurt us all,’ writes River Halen in a book I would buy for you if I knew you, driven to share this brilliant conversation,” writes CAConrad, author of AMANDA PARADISE: Resurrect Extinct Vibration. Read more.

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Imminent Domains: Reckoning with the Anthropocene
by Alessandra Naccarato
Essais Series | Creative Nonfiction Essays | Ecology
$23.00 | On Sale September 27, 2022

Imminent Domains: Reckoning with the Anthropocene invites readers to join a contemplation of survival—our own, and that of the elements that surround us. Using research, lyric prose, and first-hand experiences, Alessandra Naccarato addresses fundamental questions about our modern relationship to nature amidst depictions of landscapes undergoing dramatic transformation. Arranged by five central elements of survival—earth, fire, water, air and spirit—these essays refute linearity, just as nature does.

“A book so unique it feels like a genre unto itself—an inquest, a love letter, a dirge, an electrifying epic, a timely tincture, a heart-stopping memoir of stones. Alessandra Naccarato takes us across geographical, emotional, and communal domains to the heat points of ecological survival and love,” writes Kyo Maclear, author of Birds Art Life.  Read more.

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by Tree Abraham
Memoir | Essays | Travelogue
$23.00 | On Sale November 10, 2022

What does it mean to be happy, to be sated, to live a meaningful life? Is wanderlust curable? Is depression? Echoing the sensation of riding a bicycle, Cyclettes is a multidisciplinary contemplation on the borderlands of adulthood. Part travelogue, part philosophical musing, Tree Abraham’s work probes the millennial experience, asking what a young life can be when unshackled from traditional role expectations yet still living in consistent economic and environmental uncertainty.

“I love books like Cyclettes, where text and image—drawings, charts, maps, collages, photographs, and all sorts of other visual artifacts—intermingle equally, each in service of and scaffolding the other. Then add in some great thinking about the bicycle, a technology through which the self is freed or found, and you have in front of you a book that’s going to make you want to make books of your own, and probably also go for a ride, then make more books,” writes Ander Monson, author of Vanishing Point and Letter to a Future Lover. Read more.

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Vox Humana
by Adebe DeRango-Adem
$20.00 | On Sale September 8, 2022

In and through literary experiments with word and sound, utterance and song, Vox Humana considers the different ways a body can assert, recount, proclaim, thus underscoring the urgency of doing so against the de-voicing effects of racism and institutional violence. These poems are born from the polyphonic phenomenon of the author’s multilingual upbringing. They are autobiographical and alchemical, singular and plural, but, above all, a celebration of the (breath) work required for transformation of society and self.

Vox Humana by Adebe DeRango-Adem crackles with lexical and corporeal electricity,” writes Wayde Compton, author of The Outer Harbour. “This is poetry that scans like lightning across a slate-blue sky, slashing the page with its power. Through its measurements of Blackness, miscegenation, migration, identity, the body, and the body politic, Vox Humana is the voice you have been waiting to hear. An incendiary cri de coeur for our times.” Read more.

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by Kate Hargreaves
$20.00 | On Sale October 13, 2022

Visceral and playful, tend reflects the intimate awkwardness of modern life. Hargreaves’ latest collection explores feelings of being distanced from loved ones, physically and emotionally; striving to be better (at chores, at intimacy); and tending to the things that fracture. These poems are anchored in the body, straining the edges of spaces that bodies and language inhabit: between sealing in and digging out; restlessness and isolation; memory and planning for the future; gaps in texts and reiterations. tend is an immersive work, as validating as it is illuminating.

“These poems are an elegant romp through tangled city gardens and teeming waste bins of memory and human consciousness. The domestic realm is a wilderness, a trash heap, a broken string of pearls. All at once, this beautiful book is the milky crystal on the green chain, the broken eggshell in your compost, the lost slipper through a rotten board. tend takes your hand,” writes Shannon Bramer, author of Precious Energy. Read more.

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by Carellin Brooks
Poetry | LGBTQ Poetry
$20.00 | On Sale November 1, 2022

Set in the 90s, alternating between the storied quads of Oxford University and the dank recesses of London pubs given over to public displays of queer BDSM, Learned chronicles poet and Rhodes Scholar Carellin Brooks’ extreme explorations of mind and body. In these poems, the speaker trembles on the verge of discovery, pushing her physical limits through practices of pain, permission, and pleasure. But her inability to negotiate the unspoken elite codes of Oxford begs the question: how to unlearn a legacy of family dissolution and abuse?

“An exuberant Blakean song–of experience and innocence, of body and mind. With wry wit, Brooks evokes a unique education—Oxford by day, London by night—and hard-won enlightenment,” writes Brett Josef Grubisic, author of My Two-Faced Luck. Read more.

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Dissonance Engine
by David Dowker
$20.00 | On Sale November 15, 2022

Dissonance Engine is an exploration of time, cognition and loss; the intersection of dream and alternate reality amidst myriad systems of control. The collection probes these themes through a multitude of forms including prose poems, palindromes, fictional journal entries, a faux manifesto, and collage poems. Amidst poems about loss, melancholy, love, connection, longing and the natural world, Dowker scours the dissonance engine of the media spectacle, to stare into gnostic estrangement and question the “time-sensitive material” of language.

Dissonance Engine is a fantastic machine: part gears, part lube, part programme, part veins and sky. Born on the page, the poems are edged and lathed, composed of words revealing the strange work that words do—sometimes in soft tissue, sometimes in steel (alive to its own strength and glint), sometimes in cyberspace,” writes Christine Stewart, co-author of Virtualis: Topologies of the Unreal. Read more.

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Fall 2022 Pre-Order Sale!

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