tend by Kate Hargreaves

tend by Kate Hargreaves

Publication Date: October 13, 2022
5.75 x 8.75 inches | 96 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN 9781771667814

Trade Paperback
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tend is a visceral, playful collection that contemplates fracture—of the physical, and between people, times and places.

These poems reflect living through the intimate awkwardness of modern life: the feelings of being distanced from loved ones, physically and emotionally; striving to be better (at chores, at intimacy); and tending to the things that break apart.

This work is anchored in the body, pushing at the edges of spaces that bodies and ideas inhabit: between closing in and digging out, claustrophobia and isolation, nostalgia and plans, home and away, and the struggle to stay still or articulate without doubling back.

Kate Hargreaves plays with the recognizable in our everyday—bodies and homes and relationships—and, in doing so, reminds us of unexpectedness in these complex spaces. tend is an immersive work, as validating as it is illuminating.

Kate Hargreaves is the author of the poetry collection, Leak, as well as Jammer Star, a roller derby novel for young readers, and Talking Derby, a book of prose vignettes. She holds an MA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor, where she received the Governor General’s Gold Medal in Graduate Studies. Her work has appeared in literary journals across Canada, the US, and the UK. As a book designer for numerous Canadian presses, Hargreaves has received honours from the Alcuin Society for Excellence in Book Design, the CBC Bookie Awards, and the Book Publishers Association of Alberta. She grew up in Amherstburg, Ontario, and lives and works in Windsor.


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