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BookThug Road Trip: Canadian Authors from Coast to Coast, Part 1

In celebration of Canada Day, and the first long weekend of summer, we’re taking you on a two-part BookThug Summer Reading Recommendation Road Trip.

Today, in Part 1, we depart from Newfoundland, head over to Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick and Quebec, and end up in Ontario. So crank up the radio, roll down the windows, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.



Deep Too
by Stan Dragland

“So that’s that, good idea gone bad. Damn shame. She won’t ever be looking in that door again. I had to persuade her out of her coat & back into her seat – finish our beer – & even then there was still only one of us laughing.”

Nova Scotia

vermin cover image

by Lance La Rocque

“Vermin find their freedom.

But they are not human.

And that’s their freedom.

They are not one.

We are not one.”

New Brunswick:


Chris Eaton, a Biography
by Chris Eaton

“He couldn’t remember. Or rather, he remembered everything perfectly. Everything. Over and over. Until his mind became so clogged with memories that there was no room for anything new. But each time he remembered, it was like dubbing an old tape, so that, gradually, all of his memories became more distorted in their reliving, less clear in their retelling. Each time time he told a friend about something fond, it became fonder. When he spoke of something trying, it became worse. Until he could no longer remember what was true and what was invented. He couldn’t remember how it started.”


expeditions of a chimaera cover

Expeditions of a Chimaera
by Oana Avasilichioaei and Erín Moure

“How to language. How its wealth.

How to find language in life’s commonplaces and have it mean.

How to live in language that opens language to language, opens us to one another, language that humanes us.”


by Chantal Neveu, translated by Angela Carr

“beneath the ribs

you can

I take you

you feel

in your body


you can let go

I am there”


A by Andre Alexis

by André Alexis

“In his desire to meet Avery Andrews, Baddely was not alone. No one had seen Andrews in a long time. Fes could remember him, save one of his high school classmates who did not so much remember Andrews as he did the blank in his memory where, at some point, Andrews must have been”

After covering so much ground, it’s time for a brief pit-stop. Part 2 of our Summer Reading Recommendation Road Trip is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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