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An Agatha Mood Board

A photo of Anne Cathrine Bomann and her novel, Agatha, translated by Caroline Waight

You’ve probably heard that saying about words and pictures. (If you haven’t, stop reading now, because this conceit is about to collapse.) Today—and for the next couple of weeks—we offer our own take on the adage. We’re shining a light on this season of books using meaningful colours, images, shapes, and textures. In other words, yes, we’re making mood boards.

Our new series begins with Anne Cathrine Bomann’s internationally bestselling debut novel, Agatha, which was released by Book*hug Press on September 29th to widespread critical acclaim. The Independent calls the book a “shrewd, skillful tale of loneliness, the search for meaning and a place in the world, and the problems of truly relating to another human being.” Since Agatha’s publication, Bomann has been kind enough to share her insight with us not once, but twice on the Book*hug blog. Consider the following a show of gratitude, but also a response to Agatha’s vivid prose, world-building, and characterization.

Anne Cathrine Bomann lives in Copenhagen, where she divides her time between writing and working as a psychologist. She also played table tennis for Denmark and won the national championship twelve times. Agatha is her debut novel, following two poetry collections. First published in Denmark, it became a word-of-mouth success and has now been translated into twenty-three languages.

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