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Five Questions About Agatha

A photo of Anne Cathrine Bomann and her novel, Agatha, translated by Caroline Waight

Today, we’re delighted to share another interview with Anne Cathrine Bomann, whose internationally bestselling novel, Agatha, was released by Book*hug Press on September 29th. Translated from the Danish by Caroline Waight, Agatha is a charming, enlightened, and frequently funny portrait of human connection. “Agatha is a seductive tale, pleasingly spare and evocative,” writes Martha Baillie, author of If Clara and The Search for Heinrich Schlögel. “Told with tenderness and humour, it invites readers to believe that the broken can heal the broken, that doctors and patients may learn from each other, if both dare to risk being fully seen and truly come to know themselves.”

Bomann answers some questions about the book—five, to be exact—in the following video. Enjoy!

Anne Cathrine Bomann lives in Copenhagen, where she divides her time between writing and working as a psychologist. She also played table tennis for Denmark and won the national championship twelve times. Agatha is her debut novel, following two poetry collections. First published in Denmark, it became a word-of-mouth success and has now been translated into twenty-three languages.


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