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“National Poetry Month” #19: Colin Fulton


You can say it. Our friendship concluded conceptually over the course of several uneventful weeks, and our poems lent recognition to and provided impetus for many world movements. Long before my receptive friend and I could formulate a response, and considering that we had once again failed to meet quorum (despite how very pleasant it is to debate the value of poetry) we thus struck out in search of whatever gaps might have existed within the ranks of that party some call intellection which itself manoeuvres more and more toward a partition of the addendums the poets were. Their additions have been tabled. Of course our search then changed. Rather than gaps designed to preserve only social memories, feelings, we found ferry systems, sadly privatized yet verging on bankruptcy, the routes, essential to those with many homes on many shores, already cut: whither their commutative (waterfront) properties? As if we can even hope to distinguish a day which lacks expression of our depth from a day which lacks it not. Both unfold in the shadow of tremendous sets. The thing is, one of these sets might help us solve the problems. The problems have become more tepid and isolated than was previously imaginable; take for example our indisputably real desire for a totally new line of militant weather research stations, laid out in perfect coverage across that special part of my friend’s interior – in this case, Nunavut.

You have just experienced a text from Colin Fulton’s forthcoming collection Life Experience Coolant. You will have the opportunity to experience more this fall.

COLIN FULTON was born in Calgary in 1987 but grew up in Nova Scotia. More recently he spent time in British Columbia while studying at the University of Victoria where he graduated with a double major in Poetry and Political Ecology, as well as a minor in Philosophy, Fulton will soon live in Montreal where he will pursue a Master’s degree in English. Life Experience Coolant will be his first book.

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