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“National Poetry Month” #18: Gary Barwin & Gregory Betts

from The Obvious Flap

I am not a slack bard, I don’t want a chorus. Here under the bird world, there is movement between h and m, between humans and l, like the grind of continents as it begins to rain. I rush from one drop to the next, holding my breath in song.

Thus The Obvious Flap by Gary Barwin and Gregory Betts comes to a close – the above poem being the final text of this energetic and zany collaborative work.

GARY BARWIN is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, educator and performer. His publications include five poetry collections, including Franzlations: The Imaginary Kafka Parables (2011) written with Hugh Thomas and Craig Conley, The Obvious Flap (with Gregory Betts, 2011.),  and The Porcupinity of the Stars (2010).  His blogs are serif of nottingham (Tumblr) and serif of nottingham (BlogSpot) and his website is Gary Barwin. Recordings of his work can be found at PennSound. Barwin currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

GREGORY BETTS is the author of If Language (2005), Haikube (2006), The Obvious Flap (with Gary Barwin in 2011), and Parlour Portraits (with Vanessa Place and Christian Bök in 2012). He lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

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