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Kate Sutherland Reads from The Bones Are There

Kate Sutherland pictured with her forthcoming poetry collection, The Bones Are There

Today, Kate Sutherland reads from The Bones Are There, her recently published poetry collection. Sutherland’s fourth book is poetry by way of collage: pieced-together excerpts from travellers’ journals, ships’ logs, textbooks and manuals, individual testimony, even fairy and folk tales that tell stories of extinction—of various species, and of our own understanding of, and culpability within, its process. Across its three sections, Sutherland draws identifiable connections between various animal extinctions and human legacies of imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, and misogyny, charting the ways in which they juxtapose one another while impacting the natural order of things.

“With an archivist’s touch and a lawyer’s eagle eye, Kate Sutherland plunders historic texts to rip colonialism asunder,” writes poet a rawlings, who calls the book “an alarm clocking witness to pasts fraught with loss in the name of discovery and patriarchy.” We’re delighted to share the following reading with you; enjoy!

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