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International Women’s Day: Must Reads!

Today is International Women’s Day, and we are celebrating with a list of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books featuring strong female voices and protagonists. These books traverse topics as diverse as motherhood, activism, coming-of-age, loving, losing, and confronting life’s enduring banalities, tragedies, and joys.

Without further ado:


Crying Wolf by Eden Boudreau

tend by Kate Hargreaves

Big Shadow by Marta Balcewicz

Permanent Revolution by Gail Scott

Learned by Carellin Brooks

Hunger Heart by Karen Fastrup, translated by Marina Allemano

Cyclettes by Tree Abraham

Junie by Chelene Knight

Letters to Amelia by Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Erase and Rewind by Meghan Bell

Good Mom on Paper: Writers on Motherhood and Creativity, edited by Stacey May Fowles and Jen Sookfong Lee

Lunar Tides by Shannon Webb-Campbell

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