In Conversation: Rachel Rose talks about her new collection Thirteen Ways of Looking at CanLit

Thirteen Ways of Looking at CanLit, the new chapbook by Vancouver’s Poet Laureate Rachel Rose burns fiercely in its righteous fury at the unbridled misogyny, homophobia and racism that is quietly condoned in our literary community. Here, critical bigotry becomes a tool of analysis, a text in which Rachel Rose romps and riffs, deconstructs and

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In Conversation: Robert Anderson talks about his new chapbook The Hospital Poems

  In Robert Anderson’s debut chapbook The Hospital Poems, the ward becomes the world, becomes the word, becomes the war. Drawing the reader into the strained intimacies of hospital halls and personal and social breakdown, Anderson’s fragmented, fragmenting poems are “spills/spells of narrative” that brilliantly sabotage the institutional from the inside. Selected for BookThug’s Summer Chapbook

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In Conversation: Helen Guri discusses her new chapbooks, Here Come the Waterworks and Microphone Lessons for Poets

This month BookThug is launching two chapbooks by poet Helen Guri. Of her poetry chapbook Here Come the Waterworks, Helen writes, “Here come the waterworks” is in most contexts an accusation that someone is about to cry profusely in order to manipulate people. But since anyone who is paying attention ought to be crying profusely

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