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Literary Matchmakers: Kazuo Ishiguro and Nic Brewer

Next up in our Literary Matchmakers series, we match a beloved author with a brilliant debut writer. If you liked Kazuo Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun, please meet Nic Brewer’s Suture!

Both of these novels invoke gory, fantastical worlds where human talent comes at great personal cost. In Ishiguro’s latest, children are genetically engineered for academic ability, despite grave consequences to health. In Suture, artists willingly damage their bodies—removing their eyes, cutting their chests, and running their blood—in order to make art.

Yet, what makes these novels such fine companions is not their brutality, but, rather, their shared capacity for tenderness. Klara and the Sun is held up by the touching devotion of “Klara,” the AI companion who keeps the protagonist, Josie, company throughout her genetically-provoked illness. Likewise, Brewer’s artists are sustained in their dangerous craft through their deep (if sometimes difficult) emotional entanglements. Brewer’s clear-sighted take on the profound interconnections between love, art, sacrifice, and forgiveness will ring true to fans of the latest Ishiguro, and any reader who knows they are held together—ever so delicately—by empathy and glue.

Read more about Nic Brewer’s stunning debut novel Suture here!

Suture by Nic Brewer


That’s all for now dear reader. Suture is available to purchase from our online shop or from your local independent bookstore today!
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Nic Brewer is a writer and editor from Toronto. She writes fiction, mostly, which has appeared in Canthius, the Hart House Review, and Hypertrophic Literary, among others. She is the co-founder of Frond, an online literary journal for prose by LGBTQI2SA writers, and formerly co-managed the micropress words(on)pages. She lives in Kitchener, ON, with her partner and her dog. Suture is her first book.

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