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A Re-Origin of Species Mood Board

Today, our mood board series continues with Re-Origin of Species, Alessandra Naccarato’s debut poetry collection. Weaving personal narratives with a study of the insect kingdom, Re-Origin of Species draws parallels between human illness, climate change, and the state of peril in the natural world. These poems journey through illness and altered states to position disability and madness as evolutionary traits; skilled adaptations aligned with ecological change. Naccarato’s book is a lyric contemplation of our relationship to the environment, and was shortlisted for the 2020 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and longlisted for the 2020 Pat Lowther Memorial Award.

“In this debut collection of startling beauty, Alessandra Naccarato weaves together the mythological and mundane, the ephemeral and the eternal, into a luminous tapestry of lyric and narrative,” writes acclaimed author Kai Cheng Thom. “Naccarato’s shimmering threads illuminate the connections that bind together every living thing on every level of being—from the interpersonal, to the political, to the spiritual. This is exquisite, playful, intentional poetry—and it just might be medicine for us all.” Leah Horlick, author of For Your Own Good, calls Re-Origin of Species “a hive of a book.”

While we’re here, we’re excited to announce Naccarato’s forthcoming essay collection, Imminent Domains: a collection of lyrical essays exploring risk, change, and the natural world. From volcanic eruptions to tropical storms, these essays follow the author into dramatic, evolving landscapes. Imminent Domains is scheduled for publication in Fall 2022, and will appear as part of our Essais Series. Stay tuned!

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