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A Statement From the Publishers Regarding Who Took My Sister? by Shannon Webb-Campbell

We have learned that a book we recently published by Shannon Webb-Campbell titled Who Took My Sister? is causing pain and trauma to members of Indigenous communities. In particular, work in this book has inflicted additional and unnecessary trauma to the family of Loretta Saunders, as well as to other families of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls.

Book*hug acknowledges that prior to publication, we were unaware that Shannon Webb-Campbell had not contacted the families of MMIWG to discuss the sensitive nature of the work. We are aware that this was a topic of discussion during the editorial process, and understand that her decision does not follow Indigenous protocol with regard to these matters.

Book*hug also acknowledges a sincere regret that our team failed to ensure that this protocol was followed as part of the publication process with Shannon’s book. For this we take full responsibility. We see our mistake as an opportunity to learn how to be better publishers, and are taking action to ensure that this will never happen again.

Book*hug has made the decision to remove Who Took My Sister? from public sale, and to halt further distribution and promotion of this title. In addition, any revenues received by Book*hug from the sale of this book will be donated to the Loretta Saunders Scholarship Fund.

To the Saunders family, and to anyone traumatized by the publication of Who Took My Sister? we are deeply sorry, and offer our most sincere apologies for any harm this book may have caused.

Jay & Hazel Millar
Co-Publishers, Book*hug

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