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The Monotony of Fatal Accidents by Richard Krueger


The Monotony of Fatal Accidents by Richard Krueger


Though at a passing glance it appears to deal primarily with geography and animals, The Monotony of Fatal Accidents in fact deals with neither; rather, it is an internal journey through the body of the poet. This body is a scene of violence, and this violence is mapped out across the hinterland of the poet’s mind. Alternating between short poems and long, sustained suites, Krueger revisits many of the same entry points (birds, roads) throughout, though the exits are always different—if any exit is to be found at all. This is not landscape poetry; indeed, what is presented is an anti-landscape, an anti-geography, a rejection of the belief that the body travels through the land: an affirmation that it is the land that travels through the body.

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Richard Krueger grew up in Prince George, British Columbia, where he eventually received his Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Northern British Columbia in 1999. He was winner of the inaugural Barry McKinnon Chapbook Prize in 2006. The Monotony of Fatal Accidents is his first book of poetry, though many of the poems that comprise it previously appeared in chapbook form.

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ISBN 1897388802 | ISBN 9781897388809
MAY 2011

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