ivH: An Alphamath Serial by Victor Coleman


ivH: An Alphamath Serial by Victor Coleman


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ivH: An Alphamath Serial is a book-length poem composed in the tradition of such precursors as Pythagoras, who taught that Number was the essence of all things; Plato, who argued that geometry was the foundation of all knowledge; Leonardo, whose work clearly follows the Renaissance aesthetics of mathematics and the mathematics of aesthetics; Descartes, Pascal, and d'Alembert, all of whom were both writers and mathematicians; Schopenhauer and Lewis Carroll, and then moderns such as Valéry and Ezra Pound, who, in his Spirit of Romance, declared that “poetry is a sort of inspired mathematics.” And now, in 2012, as the present moment in this literary trajectory, ivH: An Alphamath Serial has arrived in the form of a faux transtranslation of Raymond Queneau's 1939 novel Un Rude Hiver!

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“Coleman possesses the seemingly infinite capacity to surprise the reader’s eye and ear.” —Lemon Hound

“[Victor Coleman is] One of Canada’s consistently interesting and innovative poets” —rob mclennan for Arc Poetry Magazine

Victor Coleman lives and works in Toronto. His last four books were published by BookThug. He has recently taught courses in modern and postmodern literature at Toronto New School of Writing, and leads an ongoing Writers Workshop at The Coach House Press that is open to anyone interested in “progressive” writing and thinking. He is currently working on a memoir, a history of small press publishing in English Canada (1940-1990), and a new book of Oulipian texts called Miserable Singers.

October 2012 | Poetry
6×8 inches | 96 pages
Condition: New
ISBN 9781927040362
ePub ISBN 9781927040447

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