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BRICKBRICKBRICK is background reading brought to the forefront.

With this new collection, poet Mark Laliberte presents a series of visual meditations on the subject of “ poetics.” Like much of his recent output, this project hovers around—but never quite steps into—the cultural zone that pure, popular comics inhabit.

The hybrid “texts” presented in this volume (slowly developed from 2001-08), appropriate and invade the hand-made illustrative markings of different illustrators or cartoonists, as they draw bricks—usually in the backgrounds of city scenes. Each drawn source is pulled forward and stripped of all signs of their original narrative intent. In a process that is metaphorically connected to the careful manipulation of written words on a page, each work is digitally constructed—brick-by-brick—into new and distinct walls that the reader will likely enjoy hitting up against.

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Mark Laliberte is a practicing writer/ visual artist/ designer/ soundmaker/ curator/ multi-headed hydra who has exhibited & performed extensively in galleries across Canada & the USA. Laliberte has had pageworks, poems & other printed experiments appear in publications big & small, including: Carousel, Descant, Lantern, Misunderstandings, Other Cl/utter, Pilot, Prairie Fire, Prefix Photo, Rampike, subTerrian, Vallum. He recently released the experimental comic, Take Away Its Wings and Force It to Fly (2008), he is currently working on his next full-sized manuscript, tentatively titled Cloud & Bubble.

128 pages | 4.75×7.75 inches | paperback
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ISBN 1897388578 | 9781897388570

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