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After the 6ix O’Clock News by Kemeny Babineau


After the 6ix O’Clock News by Kemeny Babineau


After the 6ix O’clock News is poetry for inside and out of the eyeball. It is not a declaration of wart or a treaty of verse eyes, it is bigger than that. This is poetry that has to be heard to be seen: to be taken out to be turned in. Babineau’s breaking open of the seedpod of genre has resulted in poems strewn about town, yard, and beyond. What grows is an insurgent response to the hiss of is through the conductivity of the eclectic.

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“…language is exploded and spatialized, scattered over the page in pieces of concrete poetry” —Aaron Giovannone for Canadian Literature

Kemeny Babineau lives outside Brantford Ontario with his wife and two children. He is editor of the occasional literary magazine The New Chief Tongue and also operates the distinguished small press publisher Laurel Reed Books. He has published numerous chapbooks, the latest of which are The Incomplete Tree Guide (2006) and VDB Wordlist (BookThug 2007). Fortunately both fame and fortune have passed Mr. Babineau by but there is optimism that wisdom could be on its way by transference from the family dog.

April 2009 | Poetry
10×6.75 inches | 96 pages
Condition: New
ISBN 9781897388358

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