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In Stereo by Paul Hegedus

$18.00 $13.50


In Stereo by Paul Hegedus

$18.00 $13.50

In stereophonic recording, twin microphones are positioned in order to more accurately record and represent a sonic moment. In Stereo takes this as its guiding principle. The collection is a record of dualities: this is split speaker, split personality, poetic turntablism flipped a-side to b-side. Found language from a wide variety of source texts forms a mashup of manipulated sampled materials: from CD copyright lingo to pop culture text to sound ecology, ’pataphysics, Sun Ra and Gertrude Stein. In Stereo demonstrates the potential transience and fluidity found within recorded meaning.

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Paul Hegedus was born in Saskatoon. He is currently working on a yet to be titled visual poetic project. He teaches kindergarten in Brampton, Ontario. He is the author of Noise Present at the Moment Less Clear, a chapbook published by BookThug in 2006. In Stereo is his first book.

80 pages; 6×9 inches; paperback
Condition: New
ISBN 1 897388 23 3 | 978 1 897388 23 5
Fall 2008

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