OUTWITH by David Herd


OUTWITH by David Herd


OUTWITH presents a series of poems about dis- placement, about locations where one becomes “unlocatable,” and the imposition of that most indeterminate and yet ever expanding “state”—the state of exception. Herd is everywhere concerned with the “suspension” the refugee and detainee is held in—a state in which the spatial, temporal, individual and iterative scales are enclosed, made fugitive, unmarked. Thus he is fulfilling that crucial political role of witness, attempting to bring these very structures of exception into the realm of the expressible – to mark their absence. Minute, careful, and yet expansively serial, Herd's work ranges far and wide as it circles an absent “local.”

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David Herd is the author of All Just (Carcanet 2012), Enthusiast! Essays on Modern American Literature (Manchester 2007), and John Ashbery and American Poetry (Pal- grave 2001). He teaches at the University of Kent and lives in Canterbury.

New British Poets No. 1

New British Poets is a series of chapbooks edited by Stephen Collis and Amy De’Ath that brings new work by British poets to North American readers.

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