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Plenitude by Daniel Sarah Karasik

Plenitude by Daniel Sarah Karasik



Publication Date: April 7, 2022
5.75 x 8.75 inches
96 pages
ISBN 9781771667357

Trade Paperback

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A non-binary faun wishes their body had a variety of sex organs, interchangeable daily. A prison abolitionist scrutinizes Rothko paintings on the carceral state’s boardroom walls. The insurrectionary tactics of mass social movements spread, like a secret handshake, from Chile to Hong Kong to Toronto.

Shaped by Daniel Sarah Karasik’s experience of grassroots social and political advocacy, these poems are an offering to those engaged in struggles for a better world—and an acknowledgement of the sometimes contradictory meanings of those struggles. How do individual erotic desires relate to collective desires for deliverance from alienation and exploitation? How might we dream of a more humane future, and work towards building it, without minimizing the challenges that stand in our way?

Plenitude cartwheels towards a world that might be: a world without cops or bosses, without prisons, without oppressive regulation of gender and desire. It is a song for the excluded and forgotten and those who struggle alongside them.

Daniel Sarah Karasik (they/them) is a writer and social movement worker in Toronto. Their plays have been produced across North American and Germany and they are the author of five previous books: the play collection The Crossing Guard & In Full Light; the individually published plays The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee and Little Death; the poetry collection Hungry; and the short story collection Faithful and Other Stories. A graduate of the Young Writers Programme at the Royal Court Theatre in London, UK, and a former Playwright-in-Residence at Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre, they have been recognized with the Toronto Arts Foundation’s Emerging Artist Award, the CBC Fiction Prize, and the Canadian Jewish Playwriting Award, among other honours. They are a co-founder and coordinator of the network Artists for Climate & Migrant Justice and Indigenous Sovereignty, and their political journalism appears frequently in Briarpatch Magazine.


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