10th Anniversary Party Audio


The Whole Party

Listen to every single moment of our 10th Anniversary party held at the Monarch in Toronto on February 11th, 2014.
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Shannon Bramer

Shannon Bramer and Chris Cawthray entertain with music, poetry, and puppetry.
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Kemeny Babineau

Kemeny Babineau, author of After the 6ix O’Clock News, reads several pieces, including a poem inspired by Rob Ford.
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Camille Martin

Camille Martin, author of Codes of Public Sleep, reads from her work.
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Adam Seelig

Adam Seelig, reads from two plays, including Talking Masks and Parts to Whole.
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Paul Dutton

A member of the legendary group, The Four Horsemen, Paul Dutton gives a memorable performance.
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Roger Greenwald

Roger Greenwald reads from his translations of Paal-Helge Haugen’s Meditations on Georges de La Tour, and Niels Frank’s Picture World.
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Lise Downe

Lise reads from This Way.
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Michael Boughn

Michael Boughn reads selections from various titles.
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Gary Barwin & David Lee

Gary Barwin and David Lee perform (Saxophone and Bass) and read from The Obvious Flap (co-authored by Gary Barwin and Gregory Betts.)
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Marianne Apostolides

Marianne Apostolides reads from her novel, Swim.
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Shannon Maguire

Shannon Maguire, author of  fur(l) parachute gets the crowd to improvise a birthday song for the press and reads from her debut work.
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Julie Joosten

Julie Joosten reads from her debut poetry collection, Light Light.
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Margaret Christakos

Margaret Christakos closes out our 10th Anniversary party with a reading from her chapbook, Retreat Diary.
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