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Tuft by Kim Minkus


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Tuft: “A bunch (natural or artificial) of small things, usually soft and flexible,
…fixed or attached at the base.” — OED

With Tuft, Kim Minkus takes us on flights of poetic fancy into futures where we “observe the green elite” and “iceplants bloom in the monotony of paved paths.” We tangle and climb into language and are swept into the lives of the animals that haunt the shores of our city's waterways. This is a world where worker, lover, animal and poet unite. Minkus brings Venus and Satan into one sentence and in doing so unleashes the “bitter-broken-fallen” of our world. This is a gathering that calls out to the reader to pay attention and look closely. Tuft reminds us that without words our bodies would not exist and that only time makes us secret. We are all attached to something.

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Praise for Kim Minkus:

“Minkus forms impossible compounds to do just what the best poetry must: express the inexpressible.” — The Globe and Mail

“Her utterly original voice is unlike any other in poetry.” — Judith Fitzgerald

“Read [Minkus] to increase your awareness of the times, in a lyrical, rhythmic way.” — Geist Magazine.


“[Tuft is] Kim Minkus’ own love song to her city” — rob mclennan

“Minkus’s visionary through-line—rather like the tire-tracks of the bicycle she rides to gather the green-glowing observations that inform most of Tuft—gives the book a remarkable coherence.” — The Bull Calf


Kim Minkus speaks with Open Book Toronto

Kim Minkus is the author of 9 Freight (2007) and Thresh (2009). She has had reviews, poetry and fiction published in The Capilano Review, FRONT Magazine, West Coast Line, The Poetic Front, and Jacket. Kim is currently a Creative Writing instructor at Capilano University and a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University.

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