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The Occasional Troubadour by Victor Coleman


The Occasional Troubadour by Victor Coleman


The Occasional Troubadour is a series of 52 portraits of friends, acquaintances, and cultural favourites generated by applying the mesostic form to a late nineteenth century English text (in two volumes) by Justin Harvey Smith: The Troubadours at Home, Their lives and personalities, their songs and their world (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York & London, The Knickerbocker Press, 1898-99). Readers of the late, great American composer/writer John Cage will be familiar with the mesostic form. Readers of Victor Coleman’s 1972 book, AMERICA, will probably have registered that it contains a series of poems which are both acrostic and telestich. The poems in The Occasional Troubadour are “occasional” poems, because the initial composition was written for the 60th birthday of one of Coleman’s oldest friends and Coach House colleague, photographer/writer David Hlynsky. This book is a departure from Coleman’s LETTER DROP trilogy in that these poems are in no way lipogrammatic, although he does consider it to be an extension of his OuLiPo practice.

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“Victor Coleman is not James Joyce” —Bill Hoffer

Victor Coleman is the author of numerous books of poetry, starting with the 1964 publication of From Erik Satie’s Notes to the Music, through CORRECTIONS (1985), LAPSED WASP (1994), and ICON TACT (2006). He was a founding editor of both Coach House Press (in 1965) and Coach House Books (in 1997) and has laboured as a film programmer at Queen’ University, the Executive Director of A Space, and co-director and programmer for The Music Gallery in Toronto. He was the editorial director for the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art (www.ccca.ca) and currently toils as a semi-retired free-lance editor. His latest non-BookThug publication, from Shuffaloff/Eternal Network is How To Become A Good Dancer. Early in 2011 the University of California Press will release his (and Michael Boughn’s) edit of Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book.

November 2010 | Poetry
5.5×8.5 inches | 96 pages
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ISBN 9781897388686

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