Walking and Stealing by Stephen Cain

Walking and Stealing by Stephen Cain


Publication Date: October 22, 2024
6 x 8 inches
120 pages
Trade Paperback
ISBN 9781771669108

Trade Paperback

In this triptych of serial poems steeped in baseball and Toronto, Stephen Cain considers urban affairs and culture through playful, revelatory devices.

“Walking & Stealing” was composed between innings of his son’s little league baseball games. The sport becomes a site for explorations of duration, association, and subjectivity. The ninety-nine poems of “Intentional Walks” follow mapped routes throughout the city to study the relationship between thinking and walking. The nine cantos in “Tag & Run” are constructed using baseball’s magic number nine, creating a literary puzzle in which the author “tags” a series of moments in time.

Together, these works skewer traditional, masculinist, and often-solipsistic perspectives on where we live and inhabit, instead offering a new way to consider the relationship between culture and space. Walking and Stealing is where memes meet psychogeography in a collection from a brilliant poet at the top of their game.

About the Author

STEPHEN CAIN is the author of six full-length collections of poetry and a dozen chapbooks, including False FriendsI Can Say InterpellationZoomEtc PhrasesAmerican Standard/ Canada DryTorontology, and dyslexicon. His academic publications include The Encyclopedia of Fictional and Fantastic Languages (co-written with Tim Conley) and a critical edition of bpNichol’s early long poems: bp: beginnings. He lives in Toronto where he teaches avant-garde and Canadian literature at York University.