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Mama’s Boy Trilogy by David Goudreault, Translated by JC Sutcliffe



Mama’s Boy Trilogy by David Goudreault, Translated by JC Sutcliffe


Get All Three Mama’s Boy Releases
(Trade Paperbacks)

Mama’s Boy by David Goudreault, Translated by JC Sutcliffe
11 June 2018 | Fiction / Translation
8×5.25 inches | 184 pages
Trade Paper: 9781771663823

Mama’s Boy Behind Bars by David Goudreault, Translated by JC Sutcliffe
4 June 2019 | Fiction
8×5.25 inches | 198 pages
Trade Paper: 9781771664851

Mama’s Boy Game Over by David Goudreault, Translated by JC Sutcliffe
November 10, 2020 | Fiction
8×5.25 inches |190 pages
Trade Paper: 9781771666176

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Mama’s Boy:

Winner of the 2016 Grand Prix litteraire Archambault

My mother was always committing suicide. She started out young, in an amateur capacity. But it didn’t take long for Mama to work out how to make psychiatrists take notice, and to get the respect reserved for the most serious cases.

Written with gritty humour in the form of a confession, Mama’s Boy recounts the family drama of a young man who sets out in search of his mother after a childhood spent shuffling from one foster home to another. A bizarre character with a skewed view of the world, he leads the reader on a quest that is both tender and violent.

A runaway bestseller among French readers, Mama’s Boy is the first book in a trilogy that took Quebec by storm, winning the 2016 Grand Prix littéraire Archambault, and selling more than twenty thousand copies. Now, thanks to translator JC Sutcliffe, English readers will have the opportunity to absorb this darkly funny and disturbing novel from one of Quebec’s shining literary stars.

Mama’s Boy Behind Bars:

Now I’ve killed another person. I’m a serial killer. Sure, two people is hardly serial, but it’s a good start. I’m still young. Who knows where opportunities might lead me? Opportunity makes the thief, or the murderer, or even the pastry chef. It’s well documented.

Mama’s Boy Behind Bars is the second book in David Goudreault’s wildly successful and darkly funny Mama’s Boy trilogy. Once again written with gritty humour in the form of a confession, Mama’s Boy Behind Bars picks up where the first book in the series left off.

Mama’s Boy finds himself in jail following a tender and violent search for his long lost mother. In an attempt to survive his incarceration, he sets out to make a name for himself in prison and is desperate to achieve his ambition of joining the ranks of the hardcore criminals. But things get wildly complicated when he falls in love with a prison guard. Can Mama’s Boy juggle love and crime?

Mama’s Boy Game Over:

At the end of this story I’m going to kill myself. And then die. That’s the way it is. All good things must come to an end, including me.

Mama’s Boy Game Over is the third and final book in David Goudreault’s bleakly comic bestselling Mama’s Boy trilogy. Mama’s Boy has been transferred from prison to a psychiatric hospital. He manages to escape, and goes on the run in Montreal, hiding in plain sight.

In his short but eventful life, Mama’s Boy has already managed to achieve most of his ambitions: fame, fatherhood, and friendship, at least in his own rather skewed perspective. But one goal remains: tracking down and reuniting with his estranged mother. By turns poignant and deeply uncomfortable, Mama’s Boy’s final journey is a complicated, desperate bid for freedom, love, and family.