The Eternal Wall by Dot Devota


The Eternal Wall by Dot Devota


Author Statement:

“In the winter of 2008, Isreal launched Operation Cast Lead against Gaza. I began writing a poem. That following summer, I traveled to the Middle East to meet with Arab writers (with the poet Brandon Shimoda). In Lebanon, Abir Ward invited me to the village of Baakleen to live with her and her family, relatives of the late poet Nadia Tueni, in a five hundred year-old castle built by their ancestors on the rim of a mountain above a fig orchard. Each night fog invaded the orchard and made sweeter the figs growing there. I slept in a room where previously a bomb had fallen through the ceiling above the bed and exploded.”

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The poet Dot Devota is from a family of ranchers and rodeo stars. She is the author of And The Girls Worried Terribly (2013). Her poems and essays appear in PEN Poetry Series (PEN America), Volt, Make Magazine, Ancients, Cannibal, Denver Quarterly, The Volta, Aufgabe and have been translated into French and Arabic. She currently writes prose about the U.S. Midwest and travels full time.

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