The Handsome Man by Brad Casey


The Handsome Man by Brad Casey


Available April 28, 2020 – Pre-order Now

When life is upended, what do you do? Do you remain as you were, trapped in a form of stasis? Or do you accept your losses and move forward? These questions and more are the heart of The Handsome Man.

These linked stories follow several years of the life of a young man as he is drawn around the world: from Toronto to Montreal, New York, Ohio, New Mexico, British Columbia, Berlin, Rome, and Northern Ontario, along the way meeting hippies, healers, drinkers, movie stars, old friends, and welcoming strangers. He isn’t travelling, however; he’s running away. But as far and fast as he runs, the world won’t let him disappear, and each new encounter and every lost soul he meets along this journey brings him closer and closer to certain truths he’d locked away: how to trust, how to live in this world, and most of all, how to love again.



Praise for The Handsome Man:

“I admire the emotional openness, tenderness and deeply uncynical tone of The Handsome Man, a novel-in-stories that feels unlike anything else I’ve read recently. Brad Casey’s fiction debut is a gem that celebrates little blips of happiness and small, elusive moments of genuine human connection.”
—Guillaume Morissette, author of New Tab and The Original Face

“if yu want a book uv amayzing n brillyant prose short storeez that ar long in theyr implikaysyuns look no furthr ths wundrful book is what yu ar looking 4 ths is beautiful writing with full orchestraysyun n minimalist accents enjoy”
—bill bissett

“Brad Casey’s The Handsome Man is an adroitly self-aware travelogue. There’s an easy sensuality to his language, peppered with precious details, disarming humour and insightful character studies rendered with unvarnished empathy. Gentle, sensitive and full of longing, reading him is like catching up with a long-lost friend for a big, cold beer.” —Rollie Pemberton, aka Cadence Weapon

Press Coverage:

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Brad Casey is a Toronto-based writer and photographer. His debut book of poetry, The Idiot on Fire, was published in 2016. He is a former staff writer for VICE, and has had numerous articles published internationally and in dozens of languages. In 2014 he founded and was Editor in Chief of the limited-run literary journal The 4 Poets. His writing has appeared in Hobart, Peach Mag, The Puritan, BAD NUDES, GlitterMOB, and more. He has organized reading events and performed his work in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Gothenburg. The Handsome Man is his first work of fiction.

April 28, 2020 | Fiction / Short Stories
8×5.25 inches | 260 pages
Trade Paper ISBN 9781771665858