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Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes: The Single


Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes: The Single


Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl Recording.

Jennifer LoveGrove has collaborated with Winnipeg-based musicians and songwriters Christine Fellows and John K. Samson to create Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes: The Single — an exploration of the human and animal sides of LoveGrove’s work.

As fans of Jennifer’s work, as well as being huge fans of Christine and John’s work, we were excited to see what they would create together. All three artists have explored similar themes in the work, in particular issues around mental health, and something we have always loved about Christine and John is how literary their songwriting is. We think you’ll find this sonic interpretation of LoveGrove’s Beautiful Children With Pet Foxes celebrates the animal and the human in us all.

Includes a code to download the MP3 version.

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