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The Gift: A Story and Music by Leanne Dunic and The Deep Cove

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The Gift: A Story and Music by Leanne Dunic and The Deep Cove

$15.00 $11.25

For years, she watched his music videos and interviews. Long before they met, she felt a kinship to his deeper self, and knew that one day they’d come together. She doesn’t tell him how, in order to create, she needs to break beautiful things.

The Gift contains a short story by Leanne Dunic and lyrics she wrote for a companion album of the same name by The Deep Cove.*

With illustrations by Gabrielle Bates.

*Purchase of the book also includes a free digital album download.

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The Deep Cove Performing at the Vancouver launch of The Gift

Leanne Dunic is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, and writer. Her work has won several honours, including the 2015 Alice Munro Short Story Contest, and has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Canada and abroad. Her first book, To Love the Coming End was published in 2017. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Leanne is the former Artistic Director of the Powell Street Festival Society and is the singer/guitarist of The Deep Cove.

Chaos & Star
September 19, 2019
Short Story | Lyrics | Album Download
6×6 inches | 32 pages
Limited edition of 500 copies
Paperback | ISBN 9781771665681