Duct-Taped Roses by Billeh Nickerson

Duct-Taped Roses by Billeh Nickerson

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Poetry / LGBTQ+
Publication Date: April 15, 2021
92 pages
8.75 x 5.75 inches
ISBN 9781771666909

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In Duct-Taped Roses, Billeh Nickerson shares heartbreaks and offers odes and elegies in reflections on family, community, life, and loss.

As a bush pilot, Nickerson’s father would duct-tape his planes to keep them flying. The poignancy of his relationship with his father is celebrated here in the long poem “Skies.” Other poems reminisce about love and the complex resiliency of gay men.

Through his signature irreverence, honesty and wit, Nickerson explores what can be repaired, what must be celebrated, and what—inevitably—is lost to time.

Praise for Billeh Nickerson:

“Nickerson looks up at his community from the gutter, not down from the condo loft–and therefore, as Wilde taught us, he can also see the stars.” —R.M. Vaughan

Press Coverage:

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“[Nickerson’s] mind is a wonder, and lucky for us, he’s put so many wonderful thoughts from it onto these pages. These poems radiate tenderness, and I, in turn, can only feel a similar tenderness for the man who wrote them – a man who writes not only for ‘…boys who grew up misunderstood / for being as much sugar and spice/ as snakes and snails and puppy dog tails,’ but who writes for all of us, “stuck here on the ground” ensnared in the human condition.” —Heidi Greco, The Miramichi Reader

“Otherness, Humour, Taboo, and the Surreal” Poet Billeh Nickerson on Unexpected Influences, His 20-Year Poem, and More —Open Book

This is a solid collection by a writer in mid-career stride: it’s got some poems that have appeared elsewhere, some new ones, a nice homage to his queer lineage, the personal nods we’ve come to expect with the unflinching honesty (even crassness) that makes Billeh Billeh.” —Kegan McFadden, Plenitude

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“Nickerson’s poems are understated and accomplished, shifting between modes of elegy and humorous punchlines with a voice that is distinct and intimate, recalling the playful, confessional poetry of Dorothea Lasky and the candour of Wayne Koestenbaum. Duct-Taped Roses is Nickerson’s best yet.” —Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Hamilton Review of Books

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“Yes, Duct-taped Roses takes you through some of life’s best highs and also its most terrible lows, but it’s the full spectrum of the human experience — and worth a ride-along.” —Grace Lau, The British Columbia Review

Billeh Nickerson is the author of six previous books, including Artificial Cherry, which was nominated for the City of Vancouver Book Award. He a past editor of both Event and Prism International, and co-editor of the groundbreaking anthology Seminal: The Anthology of Canada’s Gay Male Poets. He lives and works in Vancouver where he is the co-chair of the Creative Writing Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.