Machine Language by David Dowker


Machine Language by David Dowker


Machine Language delves the delic, from the pataphysical conjunction of antique paper tape code, a fragment of Sappho and the Gorgon (apparatus) to the writing through (over under sideways around) various texts and subtexts of the postmodern North American rhizome, coding the flows of Black Mountain poetics and so-called “language poetries,” elliptical traces of neo-surrealist tendencies with reconnaissance syntax and pliant iambics, love’s number crunched for the age of surveillance.


“Reading Canadian Poetry With its Experimental Poems” – Jacqueline Valencia for  All Lit Up

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David Dowker was born in Kingston, Ontario but has lived most of his life in Toronto. He is/was editor of the Alterran Poetry Assemblage.

96 pages; 5×8 inches; paperback
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ISBN 9781897388518

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