Iceland is Melting and So Are You by Talya Rubin


Iceland is Melting and So Are You by Talya Rubin



Publication Date: October 12, 2021
8 x 6 inches | 96 pages
Trade Paperback | ISBN 9781771667227



Amidst the phenomenon of our changing planet, another exists closer to home: how the urgency of the climate emergency affects our ability to be human; to comprehend and to feel.

The latest collection from award-winning poet Talya Rubin explores the melting of ice sheets and the thawing of the heart. It offers recognition of, and salve for, the vast mysteries of our natural world, our human interior, and the relationship between the two.

Rubin interweaves explorations of the range of the human condition amidst depictions of nature. She shares moments of childhood ice skating and poems for unrequited love alongside glacial melts, geological formations, weather patterns. And there are moments where human and wild meet in minute everyday encounters: noticing spores outside a cabin; fathoming the weather while listening to news reports on the radio. Underlying the collection is a mild sense of absurdity, one that mirrors our existential absurdity of continuing on in the face of what feels like impossibility.

 Iceland is Melting and So Are You, asks us what we have kept frozen and unexamined within us and—in doing so—recognizes the complex grief and wonder we face in considering the end of the human epoch.

Praise for Iceland is Melting and So Are You:

Iceland is Melting and So Are You is a fierce and melancholy collection of poems that both directly and indirectly addresses the central concern of the twenty-first century: global warming. Talya Rubin’s carefully constructed poems are lyrical, compelling, and filled with the kind of passion that makes things happen. They’re centred around both the places in danger and the people who live in those places as they tell the stories we need to hear in this alarming time, “each year a story/of what we did/or did not/do.” —Wyn Cooper, author of The Way Back


Talya Rubin is a Canadian poet originally from Montreal. She was awarded the RBC Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers from the Writers’ Trust of Canada in 1998. Her poetry has been longlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize and the Montreal International Poetry Prize. In 2015, she won the Battle of the Bards and was invited to read at the Toronto International Festival of Authors. Her first collection, Leaving the Island, was published in 2015. Talya holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She also runs a theatre company called Too Close to the Sun, and currently lives in Perth, Australia with her husband and son.


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