22 Skidoo / SubTractions by Michael Boughn


22 Skidoo / SubTractions by Michael Boughn


22 Skidoo takes as its playground the junkyard of Modernity. In a contemporary world which discards memory and experience along with last season’s shoes, any building over 25 years old, and millions of tons of last year’s computers and cell phones, these poems recycle archeologically recovered materials into a funny, lively exploration of the possibilities of creation in a world where the young think that what Duke Ellington made wasn’t really music.

If 22 Skidoo reclaims the junk of modern culture, finding for it new forms and arrangements, SubTractions kicks the props from under the elaborate illusion of completion that ironically locates a world without history. Beginning with Gilles Deleuze’s proposal that the only role for 1 in our contemporary experience is as -1, destabilizing whatever arrangements of thought that try to seize and secure the ground of their own composition, these poems move through the daily experience of kid’s soccer games, orchestra practice, karate lessons, and mushroom infestations, vandalizing the usual and leaving behind the shattered languages of its beautiful wreckage struggling toward speech.

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“Boughn writes in concise twists, carrying a poetry that seems brilliantly out of place amid everything else that appears in print.” —rob mclennan for Canadian Literature

Michael Boughn has taught literature courses at the University of Toronto for 19 years. His own writing includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and essays. He is the author of H.D.: A Bibliography 1905-1990 (1993) and co-editor (with Victor Coleman) of Robert Duncan’s The H.D. Book (2011). His recent book of poetry, Cosmographia – A Post-Lucretian Faux Micro-Epic, was shortlisted for the 2011 Governor General’s Award for Poetry. His mystery novel, Business As Usual, was published in 2011. Great Canadian Poems for the Aged Vol.1 Illus. Ed is forthcoming from BookThug in 2012.

April 2009 | Poetry
6×9 inches | 96 pages
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ISBN 9781897388341

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