Form of Forms by Mark Goldstein


Form of Forms by Mark Goldstein


2013 Honourable Mention from the Alcuin Society for Excellence in Book Design in Canada for Poetry, awarded to Mark Goldstein

Finalist for the 2014 Leipzig Best Book Design in the World

A ‘best of’ pick of 2012 Canadian poetry books by rob mclennan

Mark Goldstein's long poem Form of Forms takes as its subject (to paraphrase poet Betsy Warland) Motherloss. It deals with the emotional and bureaucratic nature of identity from the often bewildered and fractured point of view of someone who was relinquished as an infant. Now, as an adult, Goldstein is seeking “information” on the self through the layers and fields of forms one must look through to gain access to that information. These layers and forms are what make up the framework of the poem, and the reader is brought face-to-face with the slippery nature of identity as seen through the lens of adoption.

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Praise for Mark Goldstein:

“Things turn up in Goldstein’s work—the angst that is at the heart of Celan’s writing for example—that comes across very different… than it would playing ‘test of translation’ against [Pierre] Joris. And there is a sense of the source (or Ur-) text as other in Goldstein that is palpable” — Ron Silliman on Tracelanguage

“I’ve seen any number of North American poets attempting to ‘do’ Jack Spicer, in particular the Spicer-Lorca duet in After Lorca (1957), and when I opened the book of Mark Goldstein I wasn’t sure what to expect. … After a few pages I began to forget where I was and became interested in the game… a surprising lightness and felicity animates the actual poems and letters that comprise this arresting collection, and it helps to read it aloud.” — Kevin Killian on After Rilke


“Such an amount of space to breathe in a poem is a rare quantity, and Goldstein’s poem understands not only breath, but the space required to hold and release that same breath.” –rob mclennan 

“The allure of his book’s material form, the aesthetics of its design, appears to me to come closest to reproducing an experience of trusting contact, of human touch. Simply put, it’s a beautiful book to hold in your hands.” – Kevin Mcneilly, Canadian Literature: A Quarterly of Criticism and Review


On Writing, with Mark Goldstein

A Short Interview with Mark Goldstein

Toronto writer Mark Goldstein is the author of three books of poetry published by the award-winning BookThug: Form of Forms (2012); Tracelanguage (2010); and After Rilke (2008). His poetry and criticism have also appeared in periodicals such as Matrix Magazine and Jacket2.

He has taught translation workshops at the Toronto New School of Writing, SUNY Albany and lectured on transtranslation in Paris at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales. Before becoming a full-time writer, Goldstein played drums alongside Leslie Feist and Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning in the indie rock band By Divine Right.

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