This Radiant Life by Chantal Neveu Translated by Erín Moure


This Radiant Life by Chantal Neveu Translated by Erín Moure



November 19, 2020 | Poetry
7.75×5.25 inches | 210 pages
Trade Paper: 9781771666336
Author Hometown: Montreal, QC
Translator Hometown: Montreal, QC


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In this stunning long poem, Chantal Neveu draws from the lexicons of science, art, revolution, and corporeal movement to forge intense and extended rhythms that invoke the elements and spaces making up our world. This is poetry capable of holding life and death, solidarity and love. Renewal. Breathing.

In its brevity and persistence, This Radiant Life is a material call for action: it asks us to let go, even just a little bit, of our individuality in favour of mutuality, to arrive separately yet in unison at a radiance in which all living beings can thrive.

Praise for This Radiant Life:

“In this trans-collaboration, words reciprocate the speed and spaces on the perimeter of public sensibility. Each turn of the page carries an echo of isolate light, the answer to what happens next.” —Fred Wah

“Powerfully embodied and chiselled by Chantal Neveu and deftly and intricately translated by Erín Moure, This Radiant Life is urgent, alive, and absolutely present.” —Oana Avasilichioaei