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Victoria Festival of Authors presents Alessandra Naccarato

October 2, 2022 @ 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Victoria Festival of Authors presents Climate Acts, Land Sings, with Alessandra Naccarato (author of Imminent Domains), Tawahum Bige, and Julie Sze. Moderated by Rita Wong.

Starting with the understanding that the climate crisis is caused by colonialism, and that a collective future depends on ending extractive capitalism and renewing Indigenous ways of being, knowing, and doing, this panel asks: What stories do we need to share in these times? How do we cultivate respectful relationships with the land, its original peoples, and its lifeforms? How can writing be an act of reciprocity and imagining the futures we need, through stories of courage, struggle, resistance, mutual care, radical empathy, and collective strength?

Marking new books by Tawahum Bige (Cut to Fortress), Alessandra Naccarato (Imminent Domains), and Julie Sze (Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger), this panel brings together three brilliant voices to address those questions. As the climate responds to the pollution that industrial and colonial forces have unleashed, the earth remains the home that we are part of, that we need to attend to, clean up, and care for with our songs and offerings.

This event is captioned.

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