Feature Friday: The Nonnets by Aaron Giovannone

The Nonnets by Aaron Giovannone

For this week’s edition of Feature Friday, we are pleased to bring you an excerpt from Aaron Giovannone’s latest collection: The Nonnets, a book-length sequence of “nonnets”—nine-line poems that Giovannone handles with ruthless dexterity. Capturing transformations from first dates to goodbye texts, from mama’s boy to unrepentant shoplifter, from post-industrial downtown to eleventh-century Italian monastery, these

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Feverish: In Conversation with Mallory Tater

Vancouver poet Mallory Tater’s debut poetry collection, This Will Be Good, tells the story of a young woman’s burgeoning femininity as it brushes up against an emerging eating disorder. As the difficulties of her disease reveal themselves, they ultimately disrupt family relationships and friendships. These poems deftly bear witness to the performance of femininity and

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