Moments Cafe #2: From Betroelse to Confession


Moments Cafe #2: From Betroelse to Confession



One day in brutal December
BookThugs were invited to translate
a poem “donated” by Niels Hav
as they pleased. This volume contains

the English versions of all who
participated, and ends with the
official translation prepared by
the team of Friesen and Brask.

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100 copies of this collection were
manufactured in January 2009—
as Moments Cafe #2 by BookThug
of which 26 copies are for sale.


Niels Hav
Elizabeth Bachinsky
Hugh Thomas
Amanda Earl
Kemeny Babineau
Cara Benson
Jake Kennedy
Kevin McPerson Eckhoff
P.K. Brask
Patrick Friesen

Condition: New