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The Unpublished City, Volume II, Edited by Phoebe Wang, Canisia Lubrin & Dionne Brand


The Unpublished City, Volume II, Edited by Phoebe Wang, Canisia Lubrin & Dionne Brand


Nonfiction | Essays
September 20, 2018 | 88 pages
Trade Paperback: ISBN 9781771664639
8.5×5.5 inches

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Co-edited by Phoebe Wang, Canisia Lubrin & Dionne Brand

Orient yourself in the city with these nineteen works of creative non-fiction that offer a different, more multifarious wayfinding. In this second volume of The Unpublished City, imagination is the means by which these writers find detours, shortcuts and convergences. Even as they are inventing and imagining the city, these emerging Toronto-based writers find themselves marked through tender and violent encounters. For them, the city is more than backdrop, but a witness, an accomplice and a lover.

This anthology’s maps of experience bring us beyond the city’s limits to the cul-de-sacs and vertical dimensions of Mississauga, Vaughan, North York and Scarborough. They follow buried creeks and migratory bird corridors, they chase highs and confront colonial landmarks, they navigate waiting rooms and prop up fallen strangers. Shaped by the city, their visions also shift and plot its architectures of living in an endless symbiosis.

The Unpublished City Volume II features work by Jennifer Tamanique Batler, DM St. Bernard, Lue Boileau, Angela Britto, Fathima Cader, Rachel Chen, Aylan Couchie, Nehal El-Hadi, Ryanne Kap, Emily Macrae, Téa Mutonji, E. Martin Nolan, Oubah Osman, Deepa Rajagopalan, Natasha Ramoutar, Wayne Salmon, Zoe Imani Sharpe, Leanne Toshiko Simpson and Julia Zarankin.

With a foreword by Tracey Lindberg.