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Miserable Singers (Book One) by Victor Coleman

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Miserable Singers (Book One) by Victor Coleman

$20.00 $15.00

In the tradition of previous books like The Occasional Troubadour and MAL ARME, Miserable Singers (Book One) by Victor Coleman presents a series of “mesostic portraits” of those individuals whose voices have found their way into our hearts and into history. From June Allyson to Neil Young and 100 more people in between, these singers have been reframed forever for your reading pleasure.

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Victor Coleman lives and works in Toronto. His last four books were published by BookThug. He has recently taught courses in modern and postmodern literature at Toronto New School of Writing, and leads an ongoing Writers Workshop at The Coach House Press that is open to anyone interested in “progressive” writing and thinking. He is currently working on a memoir, a history of small press publishing in English Canada (1940-1990), and a new volume of More Miserable Singers.

Published on the occasion of the poet’s 70th birthday.
Poetry | 11 September 2014
6 x 8 inches | 120 pages
Condition: New
Trade Paper: ISBN 9781771660884

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