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Blissful Times by Sandra Alland


Blissful Times by Sandra Alland


A creature, a possible he actually, in perhaps to whereas,
it hardly / it indeed, be “fellow.”
Be asking to appear at, asking to think of, Other.
You would ask about the heart, the needs,
the times all great, not peace.
See peace for moon, one moon,
does your look seem less?
Deal time into this when.
Then what left?

Do any of us really speak the same language? Blissful Times is a collection of poetry that tries to find out. Beginning with found text from Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days, Sandra Alland “translates” the poem 65 times, morphing it into different poetic forms and emotional states, even different media. Using formal constraints, specialty dictionaries, internet search and translation engines, voice-activated software, the weather, global news and personal experiences, Alland invents pieces ranging from lyric poetry to sound poetry, from theatre to rant, from photography to Boggle. Edgy, passionate, amusing and intelligent, Blissful Times is a poetic cocktail for our troubled times.

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Sandra Alland is a writer and multimedia artist who has published and presented her work in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Bermuda, Spain, Scotland and England. Her first full-length book, Proof of a Tongue was hailed as “a stunning first collection of poetry, displaying immense talent and skill.” Known for her evocative readings and performances, Sandra incorporates sound and movement into poetry in fresh and exciting ways. A bookseller and micropress publisher, she advocates for the protection and nourishment of independent publishers and bookstores. Sandra has been living for 33 years – 19 in Scarborough and 14 in Toronto. She currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

March 2007 | Poetry
5.25×8.75 inches | 77 pages
Condition: New
ISBN 9780978158767

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