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WORLD NEWS STORY by Michael Woods


WORLD NEWS STORY by Michael Woods


The major world events of 2009 can be found and consumed and considered in this handy volume from Michael Woods. Was it a good year? Was it a bad year? You be the judge.

The writing in this collection experiments with the stories of conflicts, border disputes, elections, revolutions and other matters of world politics and affairs as told by contemporary media. By retelling a year’s worth of events, the book contains a familiar narrative, and if you are old enough to read it, you will have lived through the events it details. For some the events will be immediate and personal, while for others they will be distant occurrences that happened elsewhere, but for all they will be read anew.

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Michael Woods has been published in several small publications. He grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario and currently lives in Paris, France. World News Story is his first trade book.

160 pages | 6×9 inches | paperback
Condition: New
ISBN 9781897388525

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