Moving In With the Dalai Lama by Lisa Gordon


Moving In With the Dalai Lama by Lisa Gordon


June 2015 | Poetry 7×8 inches | 32 pages
Stapled Chapbook
ISBN 9781771661850

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When by chance I say what I mean, am I better understood?

These poems hide in the interstices of language, and are anchored in the tentative relationships that surround us—so in a sense they aren’t anchored at all. A poetics of indeterminacy is here, a call & response as in ghazals, yet a call & response gone awry. Is saying what we mean an incorrigible impossibility? No, there’s always hope at issue, just not very clearly. Separating each couplet with an asterisk, and using umbrella titles, Lisa Gordon employs collage as a way of making and entering the poem without nailing anything down. Something almost-not-quite faithful and musical is going on…

I swear the Dalai Lama has my mouth.


“The pleasure in reading Moving In With the Dalai Lama lies in the discovery of particular couplets that impress.” —Broken Pencil Magazine

Lisa Gordon has had work published in Mipo, Poetry Sz, Writer’s Hood, Junket, Syntax, from east to west: bicoastal verse, Vallum, and The Antigonish Review. Previously, she was the lyricist for a local Quebec band called Hejira over a lively five years. Of her poetry, she says: “My writing is about witnessing and reacting—to the world, to language, and to others—a collaging of trial and ordeal, a querying embrace of what-means-being-in-the-world both up close and at a distance. There’s fractured storytelling, the odd song, the surreal in the everyday, and only sometimes getting the world right.” Lisa resides with her philosopher husband in Montreal.