Fond by Kate Eichhorn


Fond by Kate Eichhorn


Inscriptions, some anon., recovered, often from transient surfaces. What remains? Still, the translation of familiar marks – the bruise, crease, temporary lines exposed on or despite of covers, slip sheets, moving surfaces; the tendency to read into places – tracery of tides, scribbling of thaw lines. Borrowed narratives.

What drives the collector? Is the archive a site of order, the convergence of past narratives and present desires, the chaotic reflection of passions spilling over categories? Is every lover an archive waiting to come undone? Every archive a place where the dust of bodies accumulates? One file in a fonds of misplaced manuscripts, Fond is haunted by an author’s compulsion to repeat and the archive’s inevitable limits. A finding aid guides the reader through a field of drafts, grids and marginalia, but can it account for this conflicting narrative of desire and its inevitable unraveling? A book-length disentanglement of one archive of emotion, Fond dwells in the eerily familiar, exposing the fragility of our most rigid constraints.

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Praise for Fond:

“What is left when the archive disappears? Eichhorn’s Fond seems at once elegiac (so much is lost!) and celebratory (look what remains!). But it is also a work of dynamic energy in which the act of tracing those changing fields of meaning production that have been our collective memory devices exhibits an engaging capacity for creative imagination. These are works of conceptual structure and form, organizing perception in advance, only to let it go its own wayward way through the palimpsestic notations articulated on its pages.” — Johanna Drucker

“Eichhorn makes reading tactile and brings inscription to life. Her whirling descent into and traversal of the book and of archive, of the shapes and forms of dipping into knowledge via words, her annotation of our compulsion to joy in archive and relationship with words and lines, is pure delight.” — Erín Moure

Fond is concerned with archive as process, as matter that makes out of words and texts (and textiles and textures) not, perhaps, meanings, but propositions about how meaning works.” — Clint Burnham via Canadian Literature

Kate Eichhorn is the author of Fond (BookThug) and the co-editor of Innovative Canadian Women’s Poetry and Poetics (forthcoming from Coach House Books). She lives in New York, where she teaches writing and media studies at The New School.

April 2008 | Poetry
8×8 inches | 80 pages
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Trade Paper 9781897388198

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